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  • In the spirit of Halloween, we've gathered some spine-tingling tales from real estate pros. Imagine standing outside a vacant house and hearing a voice ask, "Who is it?" with no one inside, or seeing a ghostly figure in a listing photo. And that's just the beginning. Doors slam shut on their own, whispers of haunted listings, and eerie basements are all part of the job. So curl up and get ready for some real estate chills this Halloween season.

  • Maximizing ROI in Southern California's real estate market hinges on eight key strategies: adapt to local trends, thoroughly screen tenants, set strategic rent prices, maintain properties proactively, utilize technology, stay current on regulations, foster tenant relationships, and implement sustainability. These steps can significantly boost investment returns in the diverse SoCal property scene.

  • In 1986, dropping mortgage rates below 10% was cause for celebration, but while 7.5% might seem high now, it's historically reasonable, and waiting for 3% rates to return is unrealistic; however, we might see rates around 5.5% by next summer due to potential policy changes.

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